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A David of Call Center Industry - Global Outsourcing Partner

A David in the Midst of Goliaths. This is how we see ourselves—A David! We will not boast of being a big company because we are not. We are a small, independent organization with more than five years in operation. But we are proud of the service we deliver—effective, efficient, yet low-priced. This is only because we have superb infrastructure for seamless integration—at par with the technology that large contact centers use—and an excellent team of highly trained agents that are committed to providing high-quality customer care. Thus, we can say with confidence that we can provide you with INFINITE LINKS, endless connections without borders…wherever, whenever. 

While we hope to become big someday, we want to stay small and be the BEST in what we do. Being a small company allows us to provide personalized service, faster feedback and greater flexibility. 

Part of our strategy for maintaining a low overhead so that we can give more competitive and flexible rates to our clients is our choice of office location. We operate from Los Baños, a first class urban municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. This town is located 63 kilometers southeast of Manila and is accessible via the South Luzon Expressway. Los Baños is a perfect choice, what with its good telecoms infrastructure and lower office rental fees. But the most significant factor is the wealth of human resource that it possesses. Being a university town, it is a community of highly educated residents, making Los Baños a first-rate source of the much-needed excellent manpower for the contact center industry. This is not surprising as one of the campuses of the country's most prestigious university is located in Los Baños—the University of the Philippines. In year 2000, through Presidential Proclamation No 349, it was even declared “Special Science and Nature City of the Philippines" in recognition of its contributions as a center of science and technology. In the vicinity of Los Baños are the sprawling urban cities of San Pablo, Calamba and Sta. Rosa, which also produce a good number of graduates each year.