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Why choose a contact center in the Philippines?

There are many reasons why foreign companies should not think twice about choosing a contact center in the Philippines. The reason simple: everything that you need is here. And all of these, for less! 

Foremost in the list is our labor force that has a strong comparative advantage over many other Asian countries. This advantage includes our 76 million workers that are proficient in the English language. 

The Filipinos’ strong cultural affinity with the United States is also a major factor. With this, contact center agents in the Philippines could very easily connect with their foreign customers on the other end of the line and vice-versa. 

Not to forget is their innate interpersonal skills, especially their ability to the make even the most aloof of customers feel at ease and the most demanding pacified.  In this business, you know this is important because the contact center industry is about building relationships with customers despite the borders. It’s about making the customers feel that you are just in front of them explaining the product or making them feel secure that whatever happens, they can count on your support. 

But does the country have enough of this manpower? Absolutely! Each year, Philippine universities—public and private combined—churn out about 360,000 graduates of which an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 are holders of computer science and programming degrees. Still, a big percentage of the total graduates are from fields such as business administration and mass communication, areas that are required in contact center operations. 

Of course, the country possesses the right infrastructure for voice and data to support the IT-enabled contact center industry. Fiber optic cable and satellite communication are present. Not to forget is the lower cost yet high-quality bandwidth that it offers.